Real estate

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IST's comprehensive range of real estate: Switzerland and abroad


IST offers pension funds the opportunity to make broadly diversified investments in the Swiss real estate market. With a focus on the residential segment, direct and indirect investments in Switzerland are available. In the latter case we distinguish between investments with different liquidity, i.e. in real estate funds or in NAV-based investment foundations. The building blocks can be used individually or in combination as required.

A sustainability strategy has been developed for direct real estate investments. This is applied to the entire portfolio and asset management - from the acquisition of a property, through management, to the renovation and refurbishment of individual properties.

Our reporting is investor-oriented and transparent. For the directly managed portfolios, we calculate environmentally relevant key figures in accordance with the recommendations of KGAST and disclose these in the annual sustainability report.


Investments focus on affordable housing in German-speaking Switzerland. These are implemented through direct investments in new construction projects, attractive existing properties and properties with development potential. REAL ESTATE SWITZERLAND RESIDENTIAL is positioned in the Core/Core+ segment and pursues a buy & manage approach. Through active management of the properties, the aim is to achieve long-term stable income in line with the market. Investments in the investment group are also possible through contributions in kind (asset swaps) and cessions. The portfolio and asset management of the investment group is carried out by IST.


Long-term capital and earnings growth are the objective of this direct-investing investment group. Active management, refurbishment, repositioning and a resale of properties on a case-by-case basis are designed to sustainably increase profitability. Investments focus on affordable housing while considering future user needs. The geographical focus is on the Lake Geneva region, the greater Zurich area and the Basel area. The investment focus is on internal growth. The investment group mainly pursues a Core/Core+ approach. The portfolio and asset management of the investment group is carried out by IST.


The IMMO INVEST SWITZERLAND investment group follows a fund-of-funds concept and invests in Swiss collective investments that are valued almost entirely at NAV. The investments are primarily made in investment foundations with a focus on residential properties. IMMO INVEST SWITZERLAND pursues a buy & manage approach based on qualitative and sustainable growth. Due to the funds-of-funds structure, the portfolio is very broadly diversified. The portfolio management of the investment group is carried out by IST.


The IMMO OPTIMA SWITZERLAND investment group pursues a fund-of-funds concept and gives its investors easy access to a portfolio of indirect real estate investments that is broadly diversified by region and property. It is an actively managed investment group and invests in listed real estate funds that are regularly traded on the Swiss stock exchange and invest exclusively in properties in Switzerland. Swiss Finance & Property AG (SFP) has been mandated as portfolio manager for the investment group.


Targeted investments in the global real estate market open up diversification potentials to investments in the domestic Swiss market and enable the generation of an attractive additional return. IST IMMOBILIEN GLOBAL invests indirectly in real estate worldwide. Advantageous is the implementation through regional target funds (USA, EU and Asia) with a lower volatility compared to listed investments. The main types of use are offices, retail, industrial/logistics and residential. Investments are primarily made in properties in the Core/Core+ segment with long-term leases and a high occupancy rate. The focus is on achieving a good cash flow return rather than capital gains. DWS has been mandated as portfolio manager for the investment group.